Hi !!,

I ‘ m Rajesh Parashar and  I enjoy & love to support you all dimension of information and knowledge management(I&KM), strategy planning, I&KM based solutions.

I am a trained Management Consultant for Growth Strategy and knowledge management and hold three Master Degree in biological sciences, AIS (Information Science-IPR –CSIR-NISCAIR), MBA (IT & HR), awarded Cert.IPR (WIPO), Cert.Film Making (IMI –Mumbai)

I have total 20 Year Experience. I worked 12 Year out of these with various capacity with S&T, Logistics, Media, Publishing, Education, Marketing Technology. Prior to that, I had set up my own firm for Agriculture and Transfer of Technology and volunteered with NGO and Social Sector in Education.

I worked with various role and capacity at TCI, Business Standard, Livemint-HTMedia, Q2AMEDIA Publishing, IKCL, and KMRO.

I worked as Business Analyst for these project – BRD and SRS for Virtual University and Digital Library, Learning Management System, Knowledge Management System for Education Institute, Business Model for School.

My practice areas include Primary Research, Literature Review, Prior Art Research, Patent Data Mining, Idea Development and Proof of Concept, Prototype, Information and Knowledge Management, Strategic Planning, Business Model, Education, Publishing and Marketing Technology.

I develop and design strategies for Organisation knowledge, developed knowledge management solution as a tool to drive value creation strategy for capability, effectiveness and efficiency in Publishing & Entertainment, Media & Advertising, Business Information, Education & ICTs and Digital Marketing sectors.

What I offer as Training and Consultancy

  1. Primary & Secondary Research with Literature & Prior Art Validation
  2. Idea to Execution
  3. Proof of Concept
  4. Business Model
  5. Partner Selection Strategy with Vendor Selection
  6. Information and Knowledge Management Strategy
  7. Technology Vendor Strategy –Education, Publishing, Marketing

I am managing the http://www.chiefkmofficer.com.My hobbies include Short movies making, art, reading all kind wealth of knowledge, making the unknown known.

I welcome you to discuss with me on +91-8447855846, reach at rajesh@chiefkmofficer.com

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