Marketing Technology


  • Marketing Technology is the blending of marketing and technology. It  helps nontechnical marketers craft better campaigns, programs, and customer experiences that effectively leverage software and data. It helps manage the new kinds of technical interfaces that marketing has with agencies and service providers—the API (application programming interface) layer between them.
  • Marketing automation software is an advanced platform designed to help marketers capture leads, nurture them further down the funnel, and analyze lead behavior and campaign performance.
  • Marketing Automation software (popular examples include Pardot, Hubspot, Eloqua) is designed to help marketers capture leads, develop relationships and move prospects through the sales funnel at scale. This includes several categories of functionality: email, social media, web marketing, and analytics. Marketing automation is an out-of-the-box method for harnessing customer data from multiple sources and developing strategies and tactics that work across different mediums.